szAMB Poultry Lighting in Denmark

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szAMB Full Spectrum Grow Light for Broiler Poultry

 Installation Project Location 

 Lynggard Poultry Farm, which produces 500,000 broilers per year

 Customers' high evaluation of szAMB Poultry Lighting 

I'm very pleased with the szAMB  Poultry Lighting, which has helped our broilers grow healthier and produce more meat-———— Nielsen, owner of Lynggard Poultry Farm. We're very pleased with the full spectrum of light, Nielsen said.

It's more like the sun's light, which is pleasing. We know that by using LEDs, we can save energy compared to conventional lighting, but it also helps achieve higher productivity. ”   And it was very quick and easy to install, much faster than we expected. ———— says Jes Stokholm, who is in charge of the farm's entire electrical installation.

 Project Objectives and Results 

The szAMB Poultry Lighting System improves the health and productivity of poultry. Its full spectrum, specifically designed for broilers, also contains a percentage of ultraviolet light that enhances vitamin D absorption, helps bone and muscle growth, and improves feed conversion and profitability.

 szAMB Poultry Lighting 

Helps optimize chicken bone and muscle development and strengthening

• Helps improve feed conversion, resulting in increased profitability

• Easy installation, saves installation costs, reduces maintenance costs, and improves productivity

Significant energy savings

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