The loading of szAMB poultry lights containers to Northern Europe has set sail

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To provide customers with high-quality products and ultimate service is the direction that szAMB always strives for. Despite the shortage of containers and heavy production pressure before the Spring Festival. However, in order to meet the needs of customers, the szAMB team prepared in advance, prepared for a rainy day, carefully made production arrangements and plans, and created conditions for early delivery. Now, the szAMB poultry lamp sent to Northern Europe this time was 5 days earlier than expected.

     Over the years, the user experience and stable product quality have won more markets for szAMB. Especially since last year, szAMB has been overwhelmed with orders and the customer delivery time is tight, which poses greater challenges for the production department. However, the szAMB team is well aware of the importance of product quality, and strives for excellence, to ensure that every product delivered to customers is "boutique" and to ensure smooth "delivery" within the expected time.

Many orders like snowflakes are being coordinated for production, and shipments are also ongoing......

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