The First International Poultry and Livestock Lighting Technology Exchange Conference

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To all concerned

      Poultry and livestock as one of the main source of human food, humans consume more than 100 million tons every year 1 trillion chicken and eggs, the poultry industry of developed countries to feed 75% of the world's chicken, pig production in China accounts for half of global output, 1950s , pigs and chickens are in the range of the industry and the scope of the small-scale farming , adding antibiotics and vitamins feed brought the industry a major breakthrough, represented by facility cultivation of intensive livestock farming provides a new direction. 

      Like most animals, pigs and chickens need sunlight to provide vision for eating, and at thesame time, sunlight can provide vitamin D synthesis. Artificial light in facility farming has gainedthe attention of the industry, and has evolved from bioptically developed lighting technology to ahighly specialized niche field. 

      Bio-optical technology is the application of artificial lighting technology that is different fromhuman vision lighting technology. It meets the light needs of poultry and livestock, Bio-optics isbased on the response mechanism of energy exchange between light quantum and animalreceptor, which fully reflects the comfort of domestic animals under artificial light, completelyavoids the influence of human visual illumination parameters (color temperature, light flux, CRI,illumination), and scientifically embodies the requirements of animal welfare.

       Improve the concept of animal welfare in China, develop the health science farming industry with non-visual lighting technology, Treat cultured animals well and develop non-visual lighting technology, which is the progress of human civilization; also jointly promote the healthy and scientific aquaculture lighting environment and improve animal welfare, accelerate thedevelopment of lighting technology for facility aquaculture in China; Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association, Shenzhen AMB Technology Co., Ltd., the director unit of the Professional Committee of Poultry and Livestock of Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association, co-hosted The First International Poultry and Livestock Lighting Technology Exchange ConferenceWe Invited domestic and foreign experts, poultry and livestock leader enterprises and other common exchange and discussion, in order to comprehensively enhance the lighting technology innovation ability of China's poultry husbandry.

     The meeting details are hereby notified as follows:

1、Meeting Time 

March 16, 2021, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

2. Host Organizer

Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association

Professional Committee of Poultry and livestock of Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association 

Undertake Organizer

Shenzhen AMB Technology Co., Ltd.

3. The agenda of the exchange meeting:

Moderator: Director of the Poultry and Livestock Professional Committee of Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association, Chief Expert of Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association: Mrs Caroline Yuan

Moderator: Chief Expert of Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association, Tianjin University of Technology: Professor Wang Dajian

Meeting schedule

4、Participation Way Online meeting

5、Conference contact 

Secretariat:ZhangJing13581734352(Wechat same number)

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