Four Key Factors Matter to Poultry Lighting

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-Light Spectrum Matters to Poultry Light
Poultry see the world differently than we humans do

Red light increases food intake and weight, reduce pecking, activate movement, stimulate sexual maturity, improve egg production

Green light increases growth rate at an early age by enhancing proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells.

Blue light helps growth of chicken at a later age by elevating plasma androgens,

keeps birds calm, decreases movement when catching the chicken, make it not frightened to improve the quality of chicken meat

-Non-Flicker Matters to Poultry Light

It is vital to use 100% flicker-free lighting in poultry barn. Flicker is the major source of stress for poultry, which will cause bad appetite and poor growth, reduce laying rate, increase mortality.

AMB uses professional testing equipment to make sure each light produced is 100% flicker-free at all different light levels.

Dimmability Matters to Poultry Light

The lighting for poultry must be fully evenly dimmable to simulate the sunrise and sunset. If the lights are suddenly switched on/off, the poultry will be scared.

AMB provides world-leading triac dimming technology from 0.2%-100% flicker free

When completing szAMB lighting with Agri-IDS® and our recommended lighting schedule, you provide animals with a natural sunrise&sunset simulation, reducing stress caused by sudden changes in light, which greatly improve the animal welfare.

Waterproof&Corrosion-free Matters to Poultry Light

When designing the lighting for chicken barn, we must fully take its techniques and materials into consideration due to the harsh barn environment. AMB IP66 and Corrosion-free lighting withstands harsh environment for years to come.

AMB lighting Pass IP66 Testing

Withstand high-pressure water washing, Humidity proof, Dust proof, Shatter proof and Waterproof

AMB lighting Pass Corrosion-free Testing

Optimal Anti-ammonia & acid

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